Smart thermostat for your Minneapolis Condo

Your Minneapolis Condo Needs This: A Really Smart Thermostat

Let’s be honest, few Minneapolis condo owners actually program their thermostats to run less when they are not around.  Most programmable thermostats are cumbersome, complicated and too darn hard to figure out.  That is until recently, when a few ex-apple employees engineered a sleek thermostat that looks cool and is ridiculously easy to program.

The first time I came across one was in a condo at the Carlyle in Minneapolis located in the Mill District.  The owner explained how easy it was to install as well as program.  The thermostat was smart, had a simple clean design and programmable from your iphone or smartphone device.  It is called the Nest and Minneapolis condo owners listen up; simply put this is the last piece of the puzzle for a heating/cooling system to run efficiently all the time.

How smart is the device? There’s a sensor built in to know when you are in your Minneapolis condo and wen you are away.  The sensor tells your heating and cooling system to run less during that time of the date.  The first 30 days you use the Nest it begins to create a schedule optimizing heating and cooling usage and thereby saving you money in upwards of 20%.

Nest can be adjusted from a number of devices, your smart phone, tablet or even a laptop.  Simply download a simple application and you can start seeing your consumption on a hour by hour basis.  The statistics are interesting and visually attractive to view.

Installation is very easy to do.  The device comes with a self leveling kit, all required tools and most importantly works with all sorts of heating and cooling systems.  Everything is well labeled and color coated so anyone, even an 11 year kid from the company’s you tube channel, can install this.


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